1975 NPP Mego Vintage Action Figure - DC Super Heroes Bent Leg Robin Batman Toy

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1975 Vintage NPP Mego DC Robin Action Figure | Collectibles Cafe

1975 Vintage NPP Mego DC Robin Action Figure


Introducing the 1975 Vintage NPP Mego DC Robin Action Figure. This is the bent leg version of Batman's sidekick, capturing the essence of the beloved character. This vintage collectible showcases the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that Mego action figures are known for. For an accurate assessment of the condition, please refer to the provided images.

Action Figure Details:

  • Year: 1975
  • Brand: NPP Mego
  • Character: Robin
  • Version: Bent Leg
  • Series: DC Comics


The action figure is in very good condition overall. Please review the detailed photos provided to assess the exact condition. Although vintage, this Robin action figure has been well-preserved and showcases minimal signs of wear. The overall presentation and playability are impressive, making it a great addition to any collector's display.

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