Curse of Spawn #9 (1997) Image Comics McFarlane - Angela - 1st app Deurges & Argus NM

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Curse of Spawn #9 Comic (1997)

Discover a collector's gem! This "Curse of Spawn #9" comic from 1997 is in near-mint (NM) condition and features a breathtaking Angela cover. It's also notable for introducing 1st appearances of Deurges, The Argus, and The Kron.

Key Features:

  • Angela Cover: This comic boasts a stunning cover featuring the beloved character, Angela.
  • 1st Appearances: Get your hands on a piece of comic book history with the first appearances of Deurges, The Argus, and The Kron.
  • Near-Mint Condition: This book is preserved in NM condition, ensuring its collectible value.
  • Intriguing Flashbacks: Dive into the story's depth with flashbacks to historically significant events, including the Nazi Party and the KKK.

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