Inflatable Solar Lantern Waterproof Camping Light Collapsible LED Flashlight, Rechargeable Lamp Solar Powered Light

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About the product:

&1. RECHARGE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT - Charges in 5 hours of direct sunlight, and works up to 8 hours.

&2. INFLATABLE DESIGN - It can float in water and easily collapses for compactness.

&3. IPX 7 WATERPROOF LEVEL - Waterproof PVC enclosure suits all weather conditions.

&4. CHARGE PROTECTION - This solar lantern provides 3.7V 0.5W power and has overvoltage, overcharge, overdischarge protections.

&5. FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - 10 LED lights giving up to 90 lumens. 3 Light settings, including emergency S.O.S. flash light mode. Ideal for outdoor living and activities(camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backyards, parties etc)

&6. ADVANTAGES & FEATURES:4 Lighting modes, suitable for multipl occasions.Inflatable and collapsible, easy to carry or store.Rechargeable and economical, powered by solar, can last for 6-7h with one full charge.Water resistant, IPX7 waterproof, ideal for outdoor activity enthusiast.Lightweight and easy to use, can use for outdoor living or emergency situations.

Product descrioption:

LIGHTING MODES:Bright: 90 lumens, press the power button once.Low: 60 lumens, press for power button twice.

Flash: press for power button tree times.

OS: long press the power button after the flashing mode.

APPLICATIONS:Outdoor living and activities(camping, hiking, hunting, fishing,backyards, parties etc);Emergency situations (roadside assistance, blackouts, flood and other disaster rescue, etc)


Power Supply: Sunlight / Solar Powered

LED: 10 of 1w LED lights

Light Color: White

Battery: 3.7V / 1000mAh

Working Time: Up to 6-8 hrs

Charging Time: 4 - 5 hrs

Waterproof Level: IPX7Inflated Size: 11 x 11 x 12 cm / 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.7

inDeflated Size: 11 x 11 x 2 cm / 4.3 x 4.3 x 0.8

inWeight: 110g / 3.88 oz

Package Content: 1 x Solar Lantern


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