Avengers #36 (LGY 736) 2020 - Black Panther vs. Moon Knight - Fortnite Variant Cover Comic

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Avengers #36 (LEGACY 736) - Sara Pichelli Fortnite Cover 2020

Unleash the power of the Avengers with this remarkable comic book. Avengers #36 (LEGACY 736) boasts the stunning Sara Pichelli Fortnite Cover and is a must-have for collectors.

Key Details:

  • Sara Pichelli Cover: Featuring the highly sought-after Fortnite-themed artwork by Sara Pichelli, this book is a true gem.
  • The Age of Khonshu: Step into the storyline with "The Age of Khonshu, pt. 4" and witness an intense battle between Moon Knight and the Black Panther.
  • Condition: This comic book is in NEAR MINT condition, ensuring its quality and value.

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