Back To The Future #11 Sub Cover (2016) IDW Comics Pedro Delgado Variant Comic

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Back To The Future #11 Subscription Cover

Experience the thrilling conclusion of the Continuum Conundrum storyline with Back To The Future #11 Subscription Cover Pedro Delgado Variant Cover Comicbook from 2016, available now at Collectibles Cafe.

  • Comicbook Details:
    • Title: Back To The Future #11
    • Variant Cover: Pedro Delgado
    • Publisher: IDW Comics
    • Tagline: "Continuum Conundrum Part 6"


As the Continuum Conundrum crashes to a breathtaking conclusion, follow Marty and Doc on a time-bending adventure. Trapped in the dystopian year of 2036, they face a furious Griff Tannen. Doc's only hope to reunite with Clara means leaving Marty in this terrifying future!

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