Fantastic Four #227 (1981) The Brain Parasites F/VF Comicbook Easter Egg

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Fantastic Four #227 (1981)

Introducing Fantastic Four #227, a classic comic book from 1981, now available in F/VF condition. This issue holds more than meets the eye, with two fascinating facts that make it a unique collector's item.

Condition: F/VF (Fine to Very Fine)

This comic is in Fine to Very Fine (F/VF) condition, preserving its collectible quality. Each page is a testament to its enduring value.

Notable Facts:

  • This issue is believed to draw inspiration from the 1958 Science-Fiction film, 'The Brain Eaters,' where the creatures control their victims by attaching themselves to their hosts' spines.
  • Within these pages, you'll find a memorable scene with the blind sculptor Alicia Masters crafting a sculpture of the enigmatic Moon Knight.

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