Fantastic Four #236 (1981) 20th Anniversary Issue Dr. Doom w/Back-Up Story Comicbook

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Fantastic Four #236 Comicbook

From November 1981

  • Triple-sized 20th Anniversary Issue
  • Features:
    • 'Terror in a Tiny Town' – (Part 1: 'As I Lay Dreaming...' ; Part 2: 'If This Be Doomsday!')
    • 'The Challenge of Dr. Doom!' – Story based upon the plot from Fantastic Four #6. Developed from Jack Kirby's storyboards from the 1970's Fantastic Four cartoon.
    • 'In Case You Just Joined Us...' – Article on Fantastic Four history and on this issue's second story.
  • Condition - See photos...blemish on lower left cover corner and small bend on lower right corner.

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