Iron Man #187 (1984) Newsstand Edition - 1st app Brothers Grimm Marvel Comics Vibro

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Iron Man #187 (Newsstand Edition)

Introducing Iron Man #187 (October 1984), a Newsstand Edition comic book that marks the 1st appearance of Brothers Grimm (Percy & Barton Grimes). Dive into the world of Iron Man as he confronts new adversaries in the thrilling storyline, "The Vengeance of Vibro."

  • Key Details:
    • Published: October 1984
    • Newsstand Edition
    • 1st appearance of Brothers Grimm (Percy & Barton Grimes)
    • Tag Line: "The Vengeance of Vibro"

Join Tony Stark and James Rhodes, the armored Avengers, as they face a formidable new threat with the arrival of Brothers Grimm. Discover their powers and motives as they clash with Iron Man in this classic comic book.

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