NFL Superpro #1 (1991) Marvel Comics - Featuring Spiderman 1st Collector's Issue

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NFL SuperPro #1 Comic (October 1991)

Discover 'NFL SuperPro #1,' the first collector's issue brought to you by Marvel Comics. This unique comic features an exciting guest appearance by Spider-Man and is a must-have for comic enthusiasts.

Comic Details:

  • Title: NFL SuperPro #1
  • Publication Date: October 1991
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Special Features: First Collector's Issue
  • Guest Appearance: Spider-Man
  • Condition: VF+/NM (Very Fine Plus to Near Mint)

Why Choose 'NFL SuperPro #1'?

  • Marvel Magic: As a Marvel Comics creation, this comic promises an engaging storyline and fantastic art.
  • Collectible Rarity: This issue is the first collector's edition, making it a valuable addition to any collection.
  • Spider-Man Crossover: Join the excitement as Spider-Man makes a special guest appearance in this issue.
  • Pristine Condition: The comic is available in VF+/NM condition, ensuring it's well-preserved.

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