Rolling Stones Black T-Shirt It's Only Rock 'N Roll Rock Band Size SMALL 2020 Cotton

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2020 Rolling Stones It's Only Rock 'N Roll T-Shirt

Don't miss the chance to own the iconic 2020 Rolling Stones It's Only Rock 'N Roll T-Shirt. This classic black tee, available in size Small, is a must-have for Rolling Stones fans.

  • Product Details:
    • Year: 2020
    • Design: It's Only Rock 'N Roll
    • Color: Black
    • Size: Small
    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Branding: The Rolling Stones
    • Origin: Made in the U.S.

This T-shirt is a genuine piece of rock 'n roll history, featuring high-quality 100% cotton and The Rolling Stones branding. It's proudly made in the U.S. for fans and collectors alike. Discover a wide range of collectibles at Collectibles Cafe to find more treasures.

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