Street Fighter Unlimited #6b (2016) Jeffrey Chamba Cruz Cover Blanka Udon Capcom

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Street Fighter Unlimited #6b - Oro's Challenge and Gill's Plans

Experience the electrifying world of Street Fighter with issue #6b , featuring the remarkable Jeffrey Chamba Cruz Ultra Jam Puzzle Cover Variant.

Comicbook Details:

  • Witness Ryu's intense battle for survival against the formidable martial arts master, Oro.
  • Unearth Gill and the Secret Society's world-altering plans, which include a new Street Fighter Tournament.
  • Join Dan and Sakura in a captivating encounter with the King of the Jungle, Blanka!
  • This comicbook is in gem condition, ensuring it's well-preserved for collectors.
  • It comes securely bagged and backed for protection.

Don't miss out on this action-packed comicbook that's perfect for Street Fighter enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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